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Our mission is to protect our only planet by creating sustainable alternatives to the materials of today. So, we dedicated ourselves to creating Banofi, which looks, feels, and smells like traditional leather but is vegan, sustainable, and made from upcycled crop waste.

We make plant-based leather from banana crop waste.

Litres of water

required for one

leather bag

Of animal leather

tanned using carcinogens

like chromium





Tons of Banana waste generated annually

Banana farming in India earning <2$/day


The leather industry results in excessive carbon emissions, immense water usage, and the production of toxic waste as a byproduct of the tanning process. The second issue we aim to tackle is the escalating crop waste in India. As the world’s largest producer of bananas, India generates 4 tons of waste for every 1 ton of fruit, much of which is dumped.


Join us as we take a step in the right direction to save animals, reduce toxic waste generation, provide farmers with additional income, upcycle crop waste, and protect our planet.

Banana Crop Waste
Natural Additives

We create plant-based leather

from banana fibres and agricultural waste.


Our process begins by sourcing banana crop waste directly from farmers, who would otherwise discard it. From this waste, we extract fibers, which serve as our primary raw material. These fibers are combined with a blend of natural gums and adhesives, and finished with layers of colors and coatings. This material is then coated onto a fabric backing, resulting in a durable and robust material that is 80-90% biobased.


Our proprietary material, Ban-o-Fi (Banana Fibre Leather), has a significantly lower environmental impact than both animal and plastic leather. We continue to innovate and reduce our dependence on polymers. True sustainability is extremely challenging and is the mission that we are deeply dedicated to.


Banofi has widespread applications across fashion, furniture, automotives and packaging industries. We are beginning our journey by red carpeting into the world of fashion.

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Join us as we take a
step in the ripe direction

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Nature is disruptive,
so are we!





Reduction in carbon emissions



Reduction in water use


Reduction in toxic waste
fib (1).png

Deep-dive into material transformation
for a better tomorrow

Made of
Banana Crop Waste
Provides additional income to farmers

We source our banana crop waste solely from smallholder farmers, where this waste is not utilised. These farmers are the core of our business, providing us with the main ingredient for our process. By providing farmers with additional income for their crop waste, we at Banofi are disincentivizing crop burning practices and boosting household incomes by 30%. Women are core to the work we do at Banofi with 60% of our team being composed of women.